Waanzilishi Noti

Get those Mafanikio while you can, because it would suck to show up at the Bosi table without something to show.”

- Mwandishi

“Wait, did you start it? Hold on, can I start over?” “Sorry. Quotes are final”

- Kuogelea

“Are we all NPC’s? Because we all have sentient thoughts.” “Very wise. We should look into that.”

- Ingia

“Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog. Lizzie is weird and Kusalimika mode is for losers.” “How does any of that first part apply? And aren’t you in Kusalimika mode too?”

- Chura

“Y’all better be peaceful, ya’know. No, I’m not stoned.” “I don’t know if this quote gives us the best representation”

- Mwana wa Gari

“Happiness will lead to goodness.” “Are you sure about that quote? Doesn’t really make sense.”

- Mwimbaji