Complete these tasks to become a Mtu

Read Mwongozo Wa Kuishi

Be a member of Dini

Be pure in heart

Perform one miracle

Convert two people


Complete these tasks to become a Mzee

Be a Mtu and be reevaluated for these requirements by three or more of the Mwanzilishi
Convert 2 additional people
Complete a noble quest given by a Mwanzilishi
Write part of the Mwongo was Kuishi with permission from a Mwanzilishi


Be a founder
Replace a founder

The five Waanzilishi are responsible for running things and answer only to the Mwanzilishi Mkuu, translating to Founder General. A Mwanzilishi can only be replaced, there cannot be more than five at any given time. They are replaced by either self retirement or forced expulsion from a unanimous vote from the other 4 Waanzilishi and the Mwanzilishi Mkuu that they are not contributing. If they retire, they go one rank back and become Mzee. If they are voted out of the council, they go back to Mtu or even Mchezaji depending on the severity of the situation. If either of these things happen, a Mzee will be immediately put in as a replacement Mwanzilishi for their predecessor.

This will usually be done in order of seniority, but in some cases, if the council deems appropriate, a specific exceptional Mzee can be chosen over their senior. The suffix Mkuu is given to the Mwanzilishi that currently has seniority.  The Mwanzilishi Mkuu is the prophet.